Thugs storm exam centre in Rumphi

Robbers have stolen various items at a Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) exam centre in Rumphi this morning.

The thugs stormed Chikwawa CDSS in Rumphi at around 5am today.

Chikwawa CDSS Headteacher MacMillan told police that the thugs broke into the deputy headteacher’s office and stole a number of envelopes and property belonging to a Malawi Defence Force (MDF) officer. 

According to a police report, the MDF soldier reported at the centre on 6 September with PSLCE examination and everything was alright.

Images of unattended firearms at examination centres have been trending on social media

This morning, the soldier left the centre well secured to take a bath at a nearby house of almost 200 meters away from the Maneb Center.

When he came back, the officer discovered that the office had been broken through the deputy headteacher’s office window.

“The thieves went away with 32 B envelopes which are property of MANEB, a warm suit, sleeping bag pull over bag, shoe and civilian clothes belonging to the army officer, reads part of the report.

Social media reports show that a firearm was also stolen during the robbery.

Northern Region Police Spokesperson Maurice Chapola has confirmed the incident but he said examinations papers were not tampered with.

Reports show that students at the centre have since started sitting for today’s exam paper.


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