The Most Expensive Casinos In The World

If you have never experienced the thrill and excitement of a land-based casino then this is something that you must do. If you have a large budget, then we recommend that you choose one of the most expensive casinos in the world so that you can be pampered in absolute luxury.

With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions the world will be open again for travel far and wide. A visit to a luxury casino is likely to be something that you will not do too often in your life. So, why not treat yourself to the best possible casinos available.

Of course, you could always stay at home and play your favorite casino games online. Find a no deposit casino and gamble away to your hearts content. But nothing beats going to a real casino and experiencing all of the trappings. The following expensive casinos are not in any particular order.

1. The Venetian Macau

Although the casinos in this list are not in order, there is no doubt that the Venetian in Macau would be at the top if it was. The building itself is the 6th largest in the world by the area that it covers. There are around 1850 slot machines and other gaming machines and approximately 600 tables for card games.

The casino gaming area is a massive 376,000 square feet. There are 3,000 suites in the Venetian Macau and you will also find around 26 restaurants to suit just about any taste. Surprisingly, the casino hotel only has 2 bars.

2. The Bellagio Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the home of the casino. The Bellagio is an amazing place to stay and will cost you a packet. It has an amazing interior including a gaming area which is approximately 116,000 square feet. You can play all of your favorite casino games there.

The Bellagio fountain is a tourist attraction in its own right. People flock to watch the fountain show every night from 8pm to 12pm. There is a show every 15 minutes. You can see the fountain show during the day as well which is not as good.

3. The Wynn Macau

We are back to Macau again for our next expensive casino. People like this hotel casino because it has excellent décor. It is said to have a “life imitating art” theme. You will find this truly breathtaking if you can afford it.

The Wynn has a large gaming area where you will find over 670 gaming machines (including slots of course) and more than 460 tables for other casino games. Rooms are luxurious as are the spas and the shops. There is also a performance lake at the Wynn Macau.

4. The Ritz Club London

If you like the idea of going to a casino in central London then the Ritz Club could be a great choice. It is in Piccadilly and there is an expensive hotel associated with it. The casino is more “old school” like you would see in early James Bond movies.

Of course, it is not cheap to become a member of the Ritz Club. But the gaming experience is excellent and there is also fine dining and plenty to drink. This central London casino is certainly different and a great experience.

5. Monte Carlo Casino Monaco

Is there anything more romantic than being in the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco? Like the Ritz Club, this has an old school feel to it and James Bond was definitely seen here. Interestingly, Monaco citizens are not permitted to visit the casino.

You will find every kind of casino game available at the Monte Carlo. If you like roulette then they have different kinds on offer. Play blackjack, poker and baccarat on their world-famous tables. There are a number of slot machines there as well to keep you entertained.

6. Park Hyatt Mendoza

If you have never been to Argentina before then you are missing out. It is a fine country and in the city of Mendoza you will find the luxurious and expensive Park Hyatt. The theme of this place is old style colonial Spanish. Apart from the casino you have every other amenity that you could want. Mendoza is a great city to visit as well.

7. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

There are quite a few other expensive and luxurious casino hotels that we could have included in this list. Bit no list would be complete without including the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. This is the one with the giant woman’s shoe in it. The Cosmopolitan is certainly one of the most famous casinos in all the world.

No matter what your favorite casino game is, you will find it available at the Cosmopolitan. There is a wide selection of table games including three card poker, craps, Fortune Pie Gow poker, roulette, blackjack, Let it Ride and more.

If you prefer to play the slot machines then there are several different machines that you can play to while away the hours. It is likely that you will find your favorite slot machine in the Cosmopolitan because they have so many available.