Mpinganjira bribery case: Judgement to be delivered Friday

Businessperson Thom Mpinganjira will know his fate on Friday when High Court Judge Dorothy DeGabrielle is expected to deliver judgement in the case in which he is accused of attempting to bribe five Judges.

Following trial that started last year and ended mid-2021, Mpinganjira will know on 10th September whether the court has found him guilty or not.

Mpinganjira was arrested in January last year on allegations that he attempted to bribe Constitutional Court judges who were presiding over the elections case in 2019.

He allegedly offered money to Judges Ivy Kamanga, Redson Kapindu, Healy Potani, Michael Tembo and Dingiswayo Madise in order for the judges rule the 2019 elections case in favour of the then Malawi leader Peter Mutharika.

The former FDH Group CEO was charged with an attempt to induce Justices Tembo and Potani to exercise their function corruptly and accept K100 million for their benefit and for the benefit of the other three judges. He was also charged with attempting to induce the judges to abuse their office.

Hearing of the case started around October in 2020.  The judges told the court that Mpinganjira contacted some of the judges during the elections case saying he wanted to deliver a parcel to them.

In his testimony, Mpinganjira revealed that he has over the years donated over K1.4 billion to political parties in the country.