Salanje ‘suspends’ Liabunya

The social media fight between Malawian church leaders, Hastings Salanje and Austin Liabunya, is showing no signs of abating as Salanje has now suspended Liabunya from prophesying in public for ten years.

Salanje has announced the suspension in a social media post today.

The fight between the two pastors started last week, over a month after Salanje announced his intention to contest for the presidency in 2030.

On Friday, Liabunya in a national prophecy suggested that Salanje does not have a future as a leader of Malawi.

In response, Salanje described Liabunya as a fake prophet who speaks lies.

However, Liabunya hit back on Sunday saying has never missed with his prophecies and the prophecy about Salanje was not personal but he was conveying God’s message.


“I have nothing to lose because I will always be God’s messenger and watchman over Malawi and I won’t allow her to be manipulated,” said Liabunya in a Facebook post.

In a statement today, Salanje said Liabunya, whom he described as a boy, is disrespecting God and elders.

He then declared that Liabunya is suspended from the work of the Gospel from 7th September 2021 to 31st December 2031. Salanje has charged two angels to implement the ban.

“I Hastings Salanje charge people to hate, disrespect you and whatever you say in the name of God, people will leave you and abandon you until you are left alone including your own family,” said Salanje.

“I Hastings Salanje put enmity between you and Money of any currency, you will be broke until you fail to buy data for you to come live and lie to people in the name of God.

When these things happen then you and other people will know that God has spoken to me and that there are other people in this world you don’t touch. Reading the same Bible does not mean that all of us are the same, so let it be done amen and amen,” wrote Salanje.


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