Dedza Police hailed for arresting Mozambican suspects


Mozambican Police have commended police in Dedza for arresting two suspects who fled to Malawi after committing crimes in Mozambique.

Principal inspector of Mozambican police Awessa Victorino Candiado thanked Dedza Police Station yesterday when she met Officer In-Charge for Dedza Police Station, Assistant Commissioner of Police Mwizamose Nyoni at Calomue Border post in Mozambique.

Daniel George Munsautsa, 23, of Ntengowambalame in Tete Province and Jasinto Antonio Celestino, 25 of the same province in Mozambique were arrested in Malawi after being found in possession of human tissues.

These two suspects fled their homeland after committing crimes and were hiding in Malawi.

Officers from Mozambique and Malawi Police at Calomue Border

Dedza police station has since sent them back to their country where they are expected to answer various felonious offenses.

Durin their meeting, Candiado and Nyoni agreed on how they will fight transnational organised crimes which are so rampant in the border districts.

The duo committed to reinforcing their partnership to flush out any hardcore criminals hiding in their respective countries.

The two law enforcers highlighted murder, burglary and theft, defilement and noncompliance to Covid-19 preventive measures as areas of major concern.

They agreed that any criminal who has fled his country to seek hiding heaven in another country will be sending back to the country where he or she has committed crimes.

Candiado further said that her officers will not entertain any Malawian returnee who use unchartered routes to avoid getting tested to Covid-19 at Malawian border.

Dedza O/C was accompanied by station officer senior superintendent Alexander Kaonga and some officers from various branches.