Chakwera calls on Malawians to eat less Nsima


President Lazarus Chakwera has called on people in the country to reduce Nsima consumption, saying too much Nsima consumption affects the body.

Chakwera made the remarks at the launch of Scaling Up Nutrition 3.0 (SUN 3.0) at BICC in Lilongwe.

He said Malawians have become too dependent on Nsima and there is a threat that people in the country will continue to fall short of meeting nutritional needs.

He then spoke about the need for people to adopt diversified diets that include nutritious foods.

“Those among us who say we haven’t really eaten until we have eaten Nsima need to rethink our beliefs about nutrition and take seriously the science of how too much Nsima consumption affects our body,” said Chakwera.

He added: “I am calling on all of you to replace ten percent of your Nsima consumption every year with other and more nutritious foods.”

Chakwera said such commitment will help Malawi defeat malnutrition in the country.

He noted that though Malawi has made tremendous progress in reducing stunting levels from 47 percent to 33 percent, stunting is still very high by World Health Organization standards.

He further said that many of the gains Malawi made over the years have also been wiped out by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chakwera then said that the SUN 3.0 energizes Malawi to recover from these losses and address new forms of malnutrition such as Zinc deficiency.

He added that he will also launch the revised Nutrition, Education and Communication Strategy and the Eat Well to Live Well guide which he said are fundamental for informing and promoting adoption of appropriate dietary practices and healthy lifestyles.

“Their purpose is to guide the agenda to see every household in Malawi eating diversified nutritious meals daily,” said Chakwera.

The theme of the SUN 3.0 campaign is Unite to End All Forms of Malnutrition for Sustainable Human Well-being and Economic Development.