Police caution traditional leaders on initiation ceremonies


Chimwala Police Unit in Mangochi has urged traditional leaders under Senior Chief Chimwala to adhere to the directive of the District Commissioner on the period of initiation ceremonies as the third term of school starts tomorrow.

The Officer ln-charge for the Police Unit Superintendent Christopher Taibu made the call on Friday at Senior Chief Chimwala’s headquarters whereby 15 Group Village Headmen, four initiation camp managers and the ward councilor for the area attended.

Taibu reminded the leaders about the commencement of the school third term this coming Monday and to let children attend classes on time.

He therefore warned them that they will face the law if they exceed the given period.

Taibu also talked about early marriages, defilement cases and reporting mechanisms to the Police about the malpractices in the area.

On his part, Senior Chief Chimwala emphasized that all initiation camps must ensure to be closed by Sunday August 29, 2021.

“I urge you all to abide by the rules and l will not tolerate violating children’s right to education in my area,” said Chimwala.

Speaking on the same meeting, the ward councilor Mussah Milanzi reminded the gathering the importance of education to the Chimwala youths and Mangochi district in general.

He also encouraged the leaders not to infringe rights of young ones.

Mangochi is one of the districts where culture practices – Jando for young boys and Nsondo for girls – are mostly undertaken between August and September every year.