CAVWOC, Ndirande Police unite to fight gender-based violence


Centre for Alternatives for Victimised Women and Children (CAVWOC) and Ndirande Police Station have intensified campaign on fighting against gender-based violence and child abuse in Ndirande.

CAVWOC took the campaign to Ndirande in the area of Group Village Headman Somanje Makata on Friday, August 27, 2021 where its representatives conducted sensitisation meeting in conjunction with Ndirande Police station’s community policing branch.

Speaking to the gathering at Majiga trading centre, CAVWOC Chairperson for the area, Edward Gama said the study conducted by his organisation in schools within Ndirande has revealed that majority of school going children, especially girls, are often absent in class because of businesses which they ply on behalf of their parents.

Gama observed that these young ones are often left alone doing business during odd hours which makes them prone to abuse and defilement in other cases by ill minded people.

On his part, the community policing coordinator for Ndirande Police Station, Inspector Sazalabika Zimba, lamented on the rising cases of gender-based violence especially where men are victims.

Zimba told the gathering that recently there is a sharp rise in the number of registered cases of women abusing men. This has been attributed to mass sensitisation meetings meant to encourage men to report such cases to police.

“Police is geared to end gender-based violence cases and violence against children,” Zimba said.

He therefore appealed to community members to make use of the victim support unit at Ndirande Police Station which he said was constructed for their benefit.

Speaking earlier at the function and on behalf of Group Village Headman Somanje Makata, Grace Chiwerenga, revealed that the chief’s message is clear on issues of gender-based violence.

She said: “Somanje Makata will not tolerate victimisation of any gender, children inclusive.”

Chiwerenga therefore appealed to law enforcement agencies to exercise their mandate within the law in order to curb the malpractice.

The meeting also tackled the evil of discouraging patients from taking ARVs by some spiritual leaders, empowerment of youths through education and harbouring of criminals in various locations.