Chakwera’s defamation case: Social commentator ordered to pay K3 million


A social commentator has been ordered to pay K3 million in the case in which Nick Chakwera claimed damages for defamation.

The consent order

Chakwera, President Lazarus Chakwera’s son, initially demanded K270 million from social commentator Joshua Chisa Mbele over a Facebook post in which Mbele linked Chakwera to a corruption suspect.


However, Chakwera has now decided that he will not seek assessment of the aggravated compensatory damages. He has essentially forgiven Mbele but the social commentator will pay costs of the legal actions.

“The defendant pays Three million Malawi Kwacha as party and party costs immediately upon execution of this consent order,” reads a consent order.

It adds that the action shall stand wholly withdrawn when Mbele pays the K3 million.

The consent order has been signed by Registrar of the High Court as well as lawyer for Chakwera – Ben & Winston Attorneys – and lawyers for Mbele – Khonyongwa and Associates.