Zambians tell HH: Don’t imitate Chakwera, he only speaks

...his accent isn't developing Malawi


Zambians have advised their new president, Hakainde Hichilema, against imitating President Lazarus Chakwera who they say only speaks but is poor with action.

President Chakwera this morning attended the inauguration of the new Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema at National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.

Chakwera who is also Southern African Development Community (SADC) chairperson delivered his speech at the inauguration ceremony in his popular American accent.

But Zambians have warned their president, who is also known as Bally, not to imitate Chakwera.


“Hope our Bally should not be like Malawian president who is just good at speaking English and giving excellent speeches but does the opposite,” said Ng’andu Chandu on ZNBC Today Facebook page.

Some Zambian commenters, while praising Chakwera for his accent, said the Malawi leader should match his speeches with action.

“I miss such speakers. Pray that God matches your eloquence with positive impact on Malawi and outside world. God bless you.,” said one person.

Chakwera’s presence at the ceremony also reminded some Zambians that the Malawi leader travelled to the United Kingdom with a 10-member entourage that included the First Lady, the president’s daughter and his son in-law.

“I hope parts of this man’s speech included reminders not to attend online meetings in Europe with his family,” said Maona Manyau.

Hakainde, 59, won the 12 August presidential elections, defeating former president Edgar Lungu of the Patriotic Front.

In his speech at the inauguration, Hichilema said Zambians must put aside election related and other differences and pull in one direction as a country.  He also urged his fellow citizens to devote their energies to contribute meaningfully to national development.

“Our focus over the next five years will be on restoring macro-economic stability and promoting growth of the economy.

“We will pay special attention to lowering the fiscal deficit, reducing public debt and restoring social and market confidence.

“We will also promote national unity and good governance by strict adherence to the rule of law. We will focus on inclusion and not exclusion,” he said.





  1. That’s very true chakwela it’s just an empty tin… In other ways he’s an idiot

  2. Good morning,
    It is not only president chakwera, everyone in Africa is selfish and does not want to help one another. Which president in Africa is capable of improving his peoples lives despite all the resources that that country has to have? A good example is just looking at our African cities and compare them to outside African countries, you will see that our leaders here are there just for pride but developing their countries and improving people’s lives is not really in their minds.
    They are too much corrupt from the top to the bottom of the government structure, all corrupt people. They all promise to do something better for their people but after winning, they don’t fulfill what they promised.
    IS AN AFRICAN thats the way it is.

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