Malawi Police officer arrested for assaulting suspect with panga knife


A police officer in Mangochi has been arrested for injuring a cell phone theft suspect with a panga knife.

The officer has been identified as Sub-Inspector Augustine Julio of Chiponde Police Unit in Mangochi.

According to National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera, on Sunday, August 8, Julio interrogated the 13-year-old suspect following allegations that the suspect had stolen a phone.

“It is further alleged that the officer, in the course of the interview, physically assaulted the suspect with a panga knife and that the suspect sustained a cut on is right hand,” said Kadadzera.

He added that the arrest will allow the police to investigate the issue.

Kadadzera then assured people in the country that the police officer will be prosecuted accordingly of investigations establish that he had a hand in the assault,” said Kadadzera.