Mponela Police call for chiefs’ support

Mponela Police Station Officer In-Charge Bosco Bamusi Malanga who is also Assistant Commissioner of Police, has called upon all chiefs around Mponela Trading Centre to work hand in hand with police in order to make Mponela a crime free zone.

He said this on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 during a meeting with all chiefs around Mponela which was organised as one way of familiarisation between the new Officer In-Charge for the station and the chiefs.

“Mponela is one of the fastest growing trading centres and when the trading centre is growing, a lot of things happen that can lead into commission of offences. As such, we need to join hands to create Mponela a crime free zone,” said Malanga.

Police and chiefs during the meeting

He further advised all chiefs to report to police any suspicious people that are found in their areas and also ensure that they report any suspicious activity happening in their areas to police.

On Covid-19, Malanga advised all chiefs to continue spreading the messages on Covid-19 vaccines as they are now available in hospitals so that those who haven’t been vaccinated should do so.

Group Village Headman Chikuluti concurred with the Officer In-Charge and promised that the chiefs will work with the police.

He further promised that, as chiefs they will strive to tip the police on any criminal activity happening in their respective areas.

The meeting was attended by 18 chiefs and 6 officers from Mponela Police Station.