FAMA, Latitude 13 Hotel seal deal to boost film industry


Film Association of Malawi (FAMA) and Latitude 13 Hotel have sealed a deal which will see the hotel hosting regular movie nights and providing support for the Malawi Film Festival.

The partnership was announced yesterday at a press briefing in Lilongwe.

Speaking with reporters, Manager for Latitude 13 Hotel Ronald Stilting said that the partnership is in areas of movie nights space, Malawi Film Festivals and capacity building and workshop venue.

Manager for Latitude 13 Hotel Ronald Stilting (L) and FAMA president Gift Sukali

According to Stilting, Latitude and FAMA will be hosting regular movie nights with the hotel providing the venue.

Sukali making a speech

Latitude is also expected to be hosting various workshops which FAMA will be organizing to capacitate its members and creatives in general as part of the association’s income generating activities.

“Capacity encompasses both hard skills specific technical or specialized knowledge and technical know-how and soft skills that enable us to carry out our roles in the organization and film content production. In this regard, the revenue that will be collected shall contribute towards FAMA activities,” reads a statement by FAMA.

On his part, President of FAMA Gift Sukez Sukali said that to produce films, people need to be knowledgeable as such they will be trained at Latitude 13.

Sukali went on to say that they will be having a film festival which he noted is hugely important as it offers a platform for filmmakers to present their creative ideas and stories.

“As an Association, FAMA intends to organize Malawi Film Festival on November 4 this year where a number of films produced by Malawians will be showcased and this will be happening in each year,” said Sukali.