Interrogation of Fuelgate suspects continues today

Minister of Energy Newton Kambala, Aford President Enock Chihana and presidential advisor on Strategy Chris Chaima Banda spent Monday night in police custody and today the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) will continue interrogating them.

The three were arrested yesterday for interfering in the fuel supply contracts.

ACB started interrogating the suspects on Monday and they were later taken to Lilongwe Police Station. The interrogation is expected to be continued today at the ACB offices.

Meanwhile, Chihana has told the local media that ACB officials informed him yesterday that he has been arrested for offering a bribe and aiding and abetting a crime.

Last year, National oil Company of Malawi (NOCMA) deputy chief executive officer Helen Buluma complained to the ACB about interference and meddling into NOCMA’s contracts to supply fuel for the year 2020/2021.

Buluma in her complaint, mentioned Kambala, Chihana and Chaima as the people who were interfering.

ACB spokesperson Egrita Ndala said yesterday that the bureau’s investigation established that Kambala attempted to influence NOCMA to award contracts of 2020/2021 fuel supply for the advantage of Orxy, Finergy and Trifugira Fuel companies.

It was also established that Chihana and Mr. Chris Chaima Banda aided and abetted Kambala when he attempted to influence the award of the contract to supply 40000 metric tons of fuel to a company known as Finergy.

Earlier this year, the Anti-Corruption Bureau also restricted NOCMA from dealing with the fuel supply contract. On 6th August, 2021, the Bureau lifted the restriction after the investigation in the first complaint did not establish any offence.


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