Mesho scandal: Castel, Banja La Mtsogolo face cyberbullying accusations


Some players in the corporate world are facing cyberbullying accusations having borrowed the Mesho sex scandal concept for marketing their respective products.

The companies which have taken advantage of the sex scandal are, Castel Malawi, Rab Processors, Tip Tech Solutions and Banja La Mtsogolo.

According to some Malawians, the companies’ marketing drives may have a negative mental impact on the parties involved.

“Also brands have a responsibility no matter what the personality to be ethical and sensitive. I am just thinking about the issue, what if someone involved in the said scandal commits suicide? Would these brands trolling on social media retract their campaigns?” Wrote Kamzati ll.

Vincezio Kinstone Mkwinda said: “It’s sad to see big brands like Banja la Mtsogolo, Castel Mw, Rab Processors and other companies that have nose dived into the mesho story to use it as an advertising piece for their products.

What kind of marketing strategy is that at the expense of someone’s mental health? I mean, well learned people sat down and discussed that as a marketing strategy and agreed to flood the market space with those ads?

Shame on these and other companies who have shamelessly done ads about this mesho story.”

In response to the matter, the Institute of Marketing in Malawi has warned the companies involved to retract the adverts.

“We are therefore calling on the brands concerned to retract their adverts and also issue an apology to the concerned individuals,” reads the body’s media release in partial

The said scandal involves a renowned television personality. Rumour has it that she was caught pants down bonking his boyfriend’s roommate.