Malawian women go “free for all” in South Africa: Husbands shocked!


Some Malawian men who invited their wives to South Africa say they are failing to protect their marriages from ‘rich’ blessers who are wantonly snatching wives without mercy.

In an online interview, Godfrey Zulanga, a disgruntled man who got his wife eloped from him earlier last week, disclosed that most Malawian women are highly demanded by blessers in South Africa.

“And, they are men who have money. For us who are struggling, it’s a nightmare. I lost mine some days ago. A certain transporter took her away from me,” he said.

According to Zulanga, most Malawian ladies, ‘as usual,’ choose money over their husbands.

“I couldn’t believe it. But, she’s gone. She went with my boy, a three-year-old son. That is the reality I cannot face. Eloping my wife and a child? Life is very tough in South Africa,” lamented Zulanga.

We spoke with George Chisi, another Malawian who had his wife snatched barely three days after she landed in the ‘banana republic.’

“I’d arranged for her logistics from Malawi to here. I just enjoyed her for one day. The next day, I didn’t find her. She had gone to the unknown whereabouts. I’m still searching for her,” he said.

In a WhatsApp forum where most Malawian men share their problems, another member gave a very poignant account of how he lost his ‘lovely wife’ Elizabeth.

“When she came, I thought of finding a job for her. Fortunately, I found it. Of course, there was a man working as a garden boy from Mzimba. My wife was to work as a laundry lady,” he recounted.

“As usual, I didn’t know that the man would have advances on my wife. Two weeks later, they got married and fled to unknown destination.”

Similar accounts are shared by most Malawian husbands in the foreign land.

We tried to seek views from some ladies in South Africa. They confirmed the drama, saying, they’re compelled to indulge in the promiscuity to match with the behaviors of men.

“When it is men doing this, it’s not news? When women follow it’s of interest? Men spend their time in bars with whores. As revenge, we find other men. Nothing strange,” admitted one of the women in Pretoria.

Another woman rubbished the accusations. She said Malawian women are well reserved and can’t engage in whoring at all cost.

Meanwhile, separate reports from the Rainbow nation indicate that suicide cases related to marital misunderstandings are becoming common in the foreign land.



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