Chakwera’s wife UK trip ignites speculations

The inclusion of First Lady Monica Chakwera and daughter Violet Chakwera in President Lazarus Chakwera’s delegation for the United Kingdom trip has ignited speculations over the First Lady’s health.

Some social media users allege that Violet will be supporting her mother physically and emotionally during the trip as she has been doing here at home.

Politician Leonard Chimbanga said in a Facebook post that Violet has been providing care to her mother who has a medical condition.

“She is therefore included on the trip specifically to aid her mother in that situation. It is not easy for the state to release this information and probably it will not, but because the public is equally curious as ai was, it was necessary to share this information,” he wrote.

Social media activist Idris Ali Nassah also tweeted that the First Lady is unwell and Violet will be supporting her.

But, in a Facebook post, he argued that this was not enough justification for the president’s daughter to be included the 10-member delegation.

“First, if the First Lady were unwell, good sense would dictate that she stays at home. Second, the daughter is not known to be a nurse or physician,” said Nassah.

However, there are also reports that Chakwera, while in the UK, will attend a wedding and that is why the daughter is also travelling.

Chakwera will leave Malawi for the United Kingdom on Sunday where he will attend a Global Summit on Education which will largely be held virtually.

The Malawi leader, who went to South Africa with over 50 people last year, has been forced to trim his delegation because of UK’s Covid-19 travel restrictions.



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