Department of Forestry to harvest 32.4 hectares of trees at Zomba Mountain

The Department of Forestry will harvest pine trees on Zomba Mountain, saying the trees have outlived their lifespan and are not adding value to the beauty of Zomba Mountain.

Director of Forestry Clement Chilima has confirmed to the media about the exercise which will start next week and will see trees covering 32.4 hectares being felled.

Chilima said the old trees are failing to supporting water conservation hence they should be replaced with new ones. The replanting exercise will start during the next rainy season.

”This is an important exercise which will help to remove all pine trees which have matured and have outlived their life span and replenish them with trees that will add beauty and help in water conservation within the catchment of Mulunguzi Dam and surrounding areas,” Chilima said.

According to Chilima, the department will issue licences Mulunguzi and Chivundi Cooperatives to harvest trees that are over 40-years-old. Endangered species are expected to be spared during the exercise.

The Department planned to carry out the exercise in April but this was delayed because they wanted to do it in a proper manner.