Latitude13 fraudulently overcharging customers


Latitude 13 Degrees Hotel in Lilongwe has been accused of overcharging customers, with one customer complaining that she was billed an extra K30,000.

Musician HazelMak tweeted on Friday about her experience at the hotel.

Hazel’s bill

According to Hazel, she was given a menu that included prices for the drinks but when the bill was later given to her, it had higher prices for the same items.

“#latitude13 in #Lilongwe are thieves pay attention to your bills they present menus with one price and charge you a different price when the bill comes. A fine establishment but its the pits! We got charged an extra Mk30,000 for 7 cocktails and a ghost shot of tequila! she tweeted.

In response, Ronald Stilting from Latitude 13 Hotel apologized for the overcharging but he insisted that the menu that was given to Hazel was no longer valid.

“Dear Hazel, we apologize for the error in billing and thank you for pointing it out. It was rectified and you were charged the lower price stated in the no-longer valid beverage list. It will be a pleasure hosting you again and your next Margarita is on me!” he wrote.

Ronald’s claim that the menu was no longer in use seemed to have further infuriated Hazel who argued that all customers at the time were given the ‘invalid’ menu.

She also pointed out that she was forced to pay an extra charge for Margaritas because the hotel increased the price of the alcoholic drink but the menu was still showing an old price and customers were not being told about the increase when ordering the drinks.

Hazel further claimed that one of the items she was charged for was Tequila yet she did not consume Tequila at the hotel.

Hazel Mak with her partner

“Is this your business practice, add random small items so they go unnoticed? Had we not checked our bill your restaurant would have stolen our money now my question is how many times has this happened to customers unknowingly?” she asked.

She then advised the Hotel to stop stealing from customers and make a decision on which menu should be in circulation.

Some commenters on the tweet agreed with Hazel that standards have worsened at the Latitude 13 Hotel.

“It’s been the pits for some time now. at least you actually got service.”
While another said the Hotel does this all the time.”