Rapist gets 19 years in jail

The Mzimba Senior Resident Magistrate’s Court has sentenced 23-year-old Chikondi Alexander to 19 years in prison for raping a 15-year-old girl.

The court heard through state prosecutor Sub Inspector Wyson Julius Phiri that on 13th February 2021, the victim, in company of her nine-year-old brother, went to draw water at a nearby borehole which is constructed at a dambo land, 600 – 800 metres away from houses.

While there at around 17:00 hours, she decided to pluck mangoes near the borehole and she sent her brother to go and collect a basket for the fruits.

While the victim was plucking mangoes, Alexander appeared and asked her for sex promising her K3000 which she denied.

Alexander then dragged the girl and forced himself on her. She felt pain and cried for help.

When her brother came back to collect the fruits, he found his sister crying and struggling with the rapist.

He rushed home and told their elder brother about the ordeal and immediately the elder brother rushed to the scene where he found Alexander on top of the victim half naked.

The matter was then reported to Enfeni Police Unit and the victim was referred to Mkoma Health Centre where it was confirmed that the victim was defiled.

Alexander was apprehended by the community policing members on 23rd April, 2021.

Appearing in court, he pleaded not guilty to the charge leveled against him which forced the state to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt.

In mitigation, the convict prayed for leniency.

Phiri prayed for stiffer punishment, saying the offence is serious in nature and that these cases are rampant in Malawi. He further said that the victim is at a high risk of contracting sexual transmitted diseases as the convict did not use a condom. He also said that the victim is suffering psychological trauma and has become a laughing stock in her community.

Passing judgement, Senior Resident Magistrate Matthews Msiska concurred with the state and slapped the convict with 19 years IHL as an attempt to protect young girls from these barbaric actions.

Alexander hails from Chikuku Village in the area of Traditional Authority Khosolo in Mzimba district.