Med C buries Namadingo


Juvenile artist Med C has hit the ‘long inch nail on his former manager’s coffin’ a few months after they parted ways.

In his latest single entitled Uvinanso, the lad has torn ex manager Patience Namadingo apart. The artist claims Namadingo wasted his time by forcing him to adopt a lifestyle he was not comfortable with.

“Anali busy kundichedwesa mu suit/ndikufuna ndizitchena ngati Bucci/A Eli Njuchi mundibwerekeko Gucci/Njala yapola mundigaireko uchi (He wasted my time forcing me to adapt to suits/Eli Njuchi please lend me Gucci outfits/Am hungry share me honey,” sings Med C

Uvinanso, meaning you’ll dance again, talks about the 15-year-old musician’s prowess in music. The artist labels himself as a befitting character for the mic.

The song features Nigeria musician cum producer Del B, and it is the young artist’s first single since signing for Magic Fingers record label.

The music starlet whose real name is Medson Kapeni parted his ex-manager musician Patience Namadingo a few months ago. The end of their working relationship proved to be a blessing in disguise as he sealed a lucrative management deal with Magic Fingers which is partly owned by US based Malawian Tionge Mhango.

The management is worth K10 million. It also includes an education package for the musician.

Kapeni will also release a refix of his much-touted single called complaining, soon. The song was produced by Nigeria’s top-notch producer called Shizzi who has worked with multi-award-winning artists like Davido.