Seven in custody for defying farm gate regulations


Police in Lilongwe have arrested seven people for buying farm produce from farmers without a licence, and using uncertified scales.

The suspects are Muhamad John, 35, Iwalani Kuphenda, 60, Fred Phiri, 27, Kondwani Kampioni, Clement Kanyama, 47, Henderson Biliwita 39 and John Thom, 26.

Lilongwe Police Station Publicist Joseph Kachikho said they were arrested at Mitundu and Kampini trading centres on July 12, 2021 during a farm gate enforcement operation.

Kachikho added that the seven suspects will appear in court soon to answer their charges.

Meanwhile, police in the district further have warn farm produce vendors against buying farm produce using uncertified scales and without a licence.