Dorothy Shonga complains over bad pictures taken using phones

Dorothy Shonga

Socialite Dorothy Shonga, popularly known as Cash Madam, has complained that the media covering her court case took bad pictures of her.

Shonga appeared in court in Lilongwe yesterday and today as proceedings continue in the case relating to the award of a contract worth K107 million to Vink Enterprise which is owned by the socialite.

The contract was awarded by Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) and suspects include former MERA boss Collins Magalasi who is suspected to be Shonga’s business -partner.

On Wednesday, a local media house posted a picture of Shonga at the court and the picture was shared widely on social media with people saying she looked different.

Shonga who describes herself as a self-made millionaire usually posts high definition images of herself on her social media platforms.

In Court today, MERA’s Internal Auditor and Risk Officer revealed details about the contract which was for the procurement of 8000 metres of cloth. Ganiza said the price rose from K16 million to K43.8 million even though the quantity remained the same. He added that items were delivered to two days before procurement deal was finalized which raised suspicions of fraud.

Shonga, Magalasi as well as former MERA spokesperson Patrick Maulidi and Bright Mbewe from MERA procurement department were arrested last year and they deny charges against them.