Salanje says he will be Malawi’s president in 2030

Renowned evangelist Hastings Salanje has said he will be Malawi’s president in 2030.

According to the South Africa based clergyman, his country has been ruled by recycled politicians for so long, thus the need for change of leadership.

“After serving God here abroad I will come back home to serve our people  and our country.”

He has added that the administration will go through a complete overhaul as he will trust the youths with running affairs of the state under his leadership.

“In 2030 we will have a government of young ones, we are tired of recycled politicians who don’t bring the change we want. This will be the government of young Malawians with new brain to change Malawi.”

The pastor believes Malawians will trust him with the top office for the maximum two terms, which will run from 2030-2040.  This, has drawn a mixed reaction from his followers on social media.

“Pastors are not made to join politics, stay where you are,” said Frazer Hau

Councillor for Blantyre City South Constituency Leonard Chimbanga has also discouraged the preacher arguing people have lost trust in religious leaders.

However, Khusa Kampira also commented: “You are welcome man of God, I will be proud to be your youth campaign director.”







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  1. 2030 is too long. Doubt seriousness of the call or you want to give the current President who is also Man Of God serving in the Political Ministry to complete the mandatory 2 terms of office.

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