Malawians defend Chakwera against accusations of ‘cluelessness’

As criticism of nepotism and poor governance from sections of the country continue pouring on President Lazarus Chakwera, some Malawians have defended the president, arguing that he needs time to fix the country.

In street interviews on Monday, some citizens based in Mzuzu stressed claimed that it is impractical for anyone to fix everything in a country that has been destroyed for over 56 years.

Temwa Msofi, vendor in the flea market, pleaded with Malawians to exercise patience as the head of state is digesting developmental strategies for restoring the lost glory the country had during the reign of Kamuzu Banda.

“To me, it’s too early to lose hope. It’s just a year. And, I didn’t expect him to fix everything in such a short period. It’s impossible. Let’s give him time,” said Temwa.

George Chisi, a taxi driver, described Chakwera as the promised Messiah, the country has waited to have for decades.

“Look, things will be alright. I see no problem. The pain is necessary. It is hardening us. Things take time,” he said.

On nepotism accusations, Rose Sibande, resident of Chiputula, speculated that so long the president is appointing qualified people, with Malawian nationality, there is no nepotism.

“Let’s treat everyone as Malawian. Regardless of whose daughter or son that person is. Violet [Chakwera] is qualified. She is Malawian. Let her serve us. She needs our support,” she said.

Others, in commenting on the rise in prices of basic necessities, argued that such a scenario has not spared any country in the world. They claimed that it is a global economic crisis orchestrated by the adversities of Corona virus pandemic.

“It’s everywhere. Go to Zambia. It’s even worse,” said Herbert Banda, resident of Zolozolo.

Meanwhile, other sections of the society are lamenting Chakwera government for, among other things bulldozing unpopular bills in parliament which are threatening the democratic principles of human rights.