Religious leaders urged to promote peace


Church leaders in the country have been urged to be at the forefront in promoting peace and interfaith cooperation in order to end religiously motivated violence.

United Religious Initiative (URT) Global Trustee Father John Ng’oma made the during a training for youthful religious leaders in Lilongwe

Ng’oma said that peace among people of different religious beliefs is very important because it builds cultures of peace and justice and at the of the day no one can point fingers at one another.

Ng’oma added that recent incidents of violence show that as a country there is still a gap to fill when it comes to peace building.

“We have trained young people from different religions who are leading in different religions. We listen, speak and respect to deepen mutual understanding, we encourage our members to do the same,” he said.

He added that there is a need to recognize and support freedom of religion and spiritual expression and the rights of all individuals and people as set forth in International law.

The United Religious Initiative is a bridge -building organization, which respect the sacred wisdom of each religion, spiritual expression and indigenous tradition.

URI’s purpose is to promote interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.