We are not harassing students – Maranatha Academy


Maranatha Academy has refuted social media allegations that the school is harassing students by not giving them food.

The development follows recent social media reports which are indicating that girls at Maranatha Girls School are spending 12 hours of the day without any food and other reports are also indicating that the learners are only being offered porridge.

However, in reaction to the social media reports, the school’s Managing Director Ernest Kawonga has vehemently refuted the reports saying they are only being circulated to tarnish the good reputation of the institution.

Kawonga said the matter is to do with unsettled school fees balances and not harassment as reported on social media.

He said management recently wrote a statement reminding parents and guardians about school fees balances and the statement sought parent’s time to discuss the matter but only a few parents showed interest.

The school then threatened to send back home all the students with outstanding fees balances on 2nd July 2021 but failed to implement it in fear of creating a situation where the students would get Covid-19 and bring it into the campus.

It is further reported that as a way of forcing parents to settle the balances, the management confiscated meal coupons from those with outstanding fees balances and they were to be provided with porridge for meals until the time when their balances were settled.

“So, we urge parents and guardians not to panic with such false information. There is no any harassment here,” said Kawonga.