Calls for Kazako, Chaola to resign over ‘misuse’ of public  


Malawians have called for the resignation of Minister of Information Gospel Kazako and Deputy Minister of Transport Nancy Mdooko over misuse of public funds.

The calls come after the two cabinet members approved costly trainings for board members of state funded institutions.

It has emerged today that Chaola also gave approval to board members at Roads Authority to get training on board leadership and corporate governance in South Africa     from 21 to 25 June.

Documents shared on social media show that K39 million was spent on the activity as 12 participants receiving over K3 million in allowances each.

On his part, Kazako allowed board members at the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) to blow K46 million for a corporate governance training in Dubai.

Kazako on Friday claimed that MACRA defied his directive to conduct the training locally

“This is well recorded and minutes. If we need to change things in this country, we must do things differently. The President has sent a strong message on this,” said Kazako.

But a leaked memo and WhatsApp screenshot circulating on social media show that he approved the trip after the number of participants had been cut from 14 to seven.

Kazako also advised MACRA to consider conducting such activities locally in future but did not stop the Dubai trip.

Malawians have since demanded the resignation of the two cabinet members.

“Reading what the minister scribbled on the memo, I do not see any reservations. The minister approved the trip with proposals/changes. If the minister wasn’t happy with the trip, he would just say NO. Otherwise he’s playing double standards in which case he ought to be reprimanded, if not fired, for failing to be assertive,” said one person on social media regarding the MACRA issue.

“Hon Gospel Kazako, you lied to both the President & people of Malawi. You gave your approval for Dubai Trip.  If I were President Chakwera, I would fire you today without any further discussion. You are dishonest,” said commentator Joshua Chisa Mbele.

“Mr Gospel Kazako lied to Mr Chakwera and to Malawians. Kazako must be fired as Cabinet minister as soon as possible,” wrote another person on Facebook.