Another One: Battle of romance goes to Lilongwe


Men with fat wallets have taken the centre stage in Malawi in the name of love as a man from Blantyre and another one from the capital Lilongwe have made headlines for spoiling their lovers in unique ways.

It all started last week when a Blantyre based man erected a birthday billboard for his wife. Before Blantyre men finished speaking highly of their city as the home of money, a Lilongwe based man has presented his lover with a luxurious car.

The Lilongwe man has bought a brand-new BMW vehicle for his lover in celebration of her birthday. This had sparked a debate on social media. Some people believe  the Blantyre man presented a better gift while their counterparts think otherwise.

“The Billboard was unique, the car gift is not strange so Blantyre still won,” said Gwayi Daniel

“The one who planted the billboard was more creative, I guess it was something new to the whole nation,” said Iqra Iqz Saizi

Nelia Saenda believes that a car is a better gift as compared to a billboard. She said, “I think the one who got the car got a better gift, a billboard is just useless.”

Some people hold the view that the men who are giving their lovers with expensive gifts will spoil the less previledged’s relationships.

“This will challenge Some men to do what is way beyond their income level,” said Virginia Mishel Banda