5 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

When looking for birthday gifts you want something special. If you focus on unique birthday present ideas, there are gifts that can be found for anyone on any budget. Unique gifts can be ones you make yourself, gifts that are created from materials that are never the same twice or gifts that are customised to the individual who is celebrating another year passed. Just remember to include a birthday card.

Unique gifts

Unique gift ideas include unique gifts. When it comes to birthday gift ideas you could consider a piece of jewellery or home décor unlike any other on the market. You could choose a 24-karat gold rose made from a real rose picked at the peak of perfection before being preserved for a lifetime in precious metal.

If you find a unique gift they love, you may be able to celebrate their future birthdays with the same gifts in different colours or styles. For example, if you gift an eternal rose in blue because that is their favourite colour, you could add orange, red, yellow, green and other colours on future occasions until they have a large bouquet to decorate their home.

Homemade gifts

If you can knit, crochet or embroider consider making a timeless classic article they can wear. If you can draw or paint, gift a picture of their home, their pets or a place that is dear to them. If you are a baker, bake their favourite cake or gift some jams, pickles or marmalades.

Surprise your birthday celebrant with a gift you know they need or want, but that you have made yourself by following a free video tutorial online. A simple gift for your partner’s birthday is to create a jar of heart-shaped notes on which are written ideas for planned and spontaneous date nights.

Experience gifts

With concerns growing about the impact of landfill on the planet, people are becoming more aware that gifts often end up in landfill after a month or so. This has led to experience gifts becoming increasingly popular.  These are usually tickets or vouchers to take part in an activity or event that the person would never consider buying for themselves.  These can be adventures like a tandem parachute jump or waterskiing to more sedate gifts such as a cookery masterclass or ballroom dance lessons.

Customised gifts

Some of the most successful birthday gifts are those that show that you have been listening and taking note of what the birthday celebrant likes. You may have noticed a friend take a second glance at a pair of shoes in a shop window or on social media or become aware their headphones are wearing out. They will never know that you have noticed these things until your gift appears with the shoes or upgraded headphones.

To make the gifts extra special, include a personalised shoebox to keep the heels in perfect condition or have their initials embossed on the headphones case. This personalisation makes the gifts unique and shows that you have made an extra effort to make the gift special.

Favourite photograph gifts

Many of us are taking photographs with our phones where they remain stored and unseen soon after being taken. When looking for a unique birthday gift, search through your phone’s gallery to find the best picture of the birthday celebrant. Print out this photograph and put it in a frame that will suit their home décor. If this is a gift for someone very special in your life, have a message inscribed around the frame to wish them a happy birthday.