Man erects birthday billboard outside wife’s office

The one who said ‘va ma love you can die’ didn’t see this man coming.

In the morning, Blantyre central business district was greeted by a birthday billboard, thanks to her husband’s effort. The man braved people’s negative opinions about love and went on to place the billboard, in celebration of his wife’s birthday.

The billboard which accommodates the wife’s image is captioned, “happy birthday my dear wife.”

This has shocked some people as they believe that real love does not exist. Others share the view that this is strange in Malawi considering many people’s humble economic statuses.

“Is this real love or the man is following a movie script? I can’t believe this kind of love exists in Malawi, anyway let us give him benefit of the doubt although their love doesn’t concern us,” said Nyox Gondwa.

“When we thought pa ground patelera (the economic situation has gone bad) someone decided to surprise his wife in such an extravagant fashion, strange not so?” Commented Shabina Molande.

Some passersby thought the billboard is marketing cosmetics, until they were assured that it is a real birthday message from her husband. The woman in the billboard is identified as Mrs Chiwaka, Samuel Chiwaka’s wife.