Wikise’s Facebook Page hacked

Musician Wikise has lost control of his Facebook page to hackers.

His fellow musicians have confirmed saying they have spoken to Wikise who has told them that he has lost the page.

“Just got off the phone with CHE Wikise aka HABUSA …. Apparently, his Facebook has been Hacked …. Please ignore everything that has been posted in the last hours …. Will communicate any further developments,” said Martse.

While Henry Czar said: “Wikise’s page has been hacked, anything being posted there it’s not from Wikise. The page is being recovered.”

The hackers have made over five posts about illumination and have been promoting their own pages.

Wikise last posted on the page yesterday and the hackers’ first post about illuminate, fame and power was posted this afternoon, leaving the musician’s fans disappointed.

Raphael Emmanuel Kapote Mphamba said: “I was a big fan of you but u really disappointed me, I thought you were a Christian.”

“I was following you but you have disappointed me,” said another fan.

However, after realizing that the page has been hacked, social media users have been demanding the hackers to return the page to the musician.