Couple arrested for abusing child

A husband and wife arrested have been arrested for taking their two-year-old child to drinking joints and for physically abusing their child.

Minister of Gender, Children and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati has confirmed the arrest of the two.

According to Kaliati, the husband and wife were arrested yesterday at a bottle store in Area 18.

The child is now in the hands of the Ministry.

Kaliati said the two usually go to bottle stores with the child and after getting drunk they engage in fights.

“They also beat the child as evidenced by bruises all over the child’s face. It also seems that they force the child to drink alcohol,” said Kaliati.

The two suspects are now in police custody and Kaliati said they will appear in court soon.

She has since warned people against abusing children saying there are laws such as Child Protection Act which are aimed at ensuring that children are protect and taken care of.

Commenting on the minister’s post, Malawians have  commended authorities for arresting of the couple but have urged government to do more.

“Well done honorable Minister, but my recommendation is that the government of Malawi needs to employ many social workers to give sensitization on human rights issues.

“The act of taking children to a drinking and beating them is legally wrong, but in some cultures, especially, the Ngonis, they consider it as morally upright. Therefore, awareness to the rural masses is essential in dealing with these issues,” said Christopher Mtonga.