Malova Youth Association to hold vigils at Mzuzu State Lodge


A grouping of unemployed youth, trading under ‘Malova Youth Association’, has disclosed plans to hold vigils at Mzuzu State Lodge till government makes a commitment, in writing, to employ them this year.

In an interview, chairperson for the grouping, Watipaso Silungwe, described the dallying by government to offer employment opportunities to the youth as disgusting.

He said, according to research findings, unemployment of the young people has led them into promiscuous activities that are threatening their lifespan.

“Malawi is a youthful nation. 80 percent of the population is youthful. Unfortunately, this is the group that is suffering heavily due to lack of political will. We’re not happy,” said Silungwe.

“This is why we’ve mobilised ourselves to seek justice through holding vigils at Mzuzu state lodge till government take heed of our grievances.”

Silungwe, a graduate in commerce, confided in this reporter that he has, since graduating from the University of Malawi, never been employed.

“Yet you hear stories that government has appointed people of retirement age. This is not good. They’ve to rehash this. The youth are suffering.”

He added: “We’ve been writing government to, among other things, consider slashing the retirement age to 45 so that the youth gets chance to be employed but we’re continuously being snubbed.”

Asked on whether they have, as a youth, thought about entrepreneurship and job creation, Silungwe described the idea as good yet impractical in Malawi.

“Our economy is prohibitive. It doesn’t allow entrepreneurship. Besides, our education system teaches us to be employees not employers. That can’t be drained after going through our education system. We need job!”

Recently, the deputy minister of labour was on record as conceding that Malawi’s education system is a contributing factor to increasing unemployment levels in the country.

Meanwhile, the Malova grouping is engaging legal opinions on their move.

There was no urgent comment from government on the matter.