Revealed: Ritaa, Leslie fighting over Hyphen


Zavuta kumpanda! Mrs Hyphen now has all the reasons to lock her husband in, considering that two female musicians are fighting over her man.

Ritaa and Leslie continue to trade words over a man who is married to former model Tina Kendricks. Their respective levels of affection for Tina’s man is arguably uncontrollable.

Hyphen cameos in Ritaa’s video for a song called Waine which features Leslie. In the visuals, the two young ladies fight over him; they believe he is deeply in love with either of them.

Ritaa who is happily married to Hyphen in the work of art, believes her husband (Hyphen) does not cheat on her but alas! He has a side Bae in the name of Leslie.

Leslie goes on to challenge Ritaa that despite her life long commitment to the Anamkanabango star, he is deeply in love with her. She argues that Hyphen likes girls like her and not women like Ritaa.

The video which came out a few weeks ago has become one of the hottest cakes in Malawi’s creative industry. It is enjoying airplay, thanks to the nature  in which it was crafted.

Do their fight pose a threat to Tina and Hyphen’s marriage? Well that’s discussion for another day. At the moment, Ritaa claims Hyphen ndi Waine, so is Leslie.