100 motorcycles confiscated in Lilongwe

Police in Lilongwe have confiscated 100 motorcycles following the ban on motorcycle taxi operators within the city.

The Lilongwe City Council last month banned the motorcycle taxi operators from operating in Old Town, at City Centre and on major roads, saying the City Bylaws have no provision for motorcycle businesses, known as Kabaza, within the city.

“As such all those operating such businesses were requested to adhere to this announcement or risk arrests or confiscation of the motorcycles.

“The enforcement which is ongoing has since seen the confiscation of 100 motorcycles with 22 cases having appeared before the magistrate courts as of Friday 11th June 2021,” the council said.

On Thursday, the police’s crackdown on motorcycle taxi operators led to protests by the Kabaza operators.

At area 36 in the city, the protesters blocked traffic along the M1, burned tyres and threw stones at vehicles and police officers. Law enforcers fired teargas to disperse the protesters.

The Ministry of Homeland Security has previously expressed concern over the number of accidents caused by Kabaza operators.

In 2020, the Ministry of Homeland Security said it recorded 860 deaths from motorcycle accidents.