Justice for Ngoleka: Malawians demand FCB to refund Mchikumbe’s money


The Bank which made after-tax profit of US$21.3 million for the year ending December 2020 has stirred the wrath of Malawians after it smooched a farmer’s K2 million last December.

Kitmass Ngoleka deposited about K2 million between January and December, 2020 at First Capital Bank (FCB) but was shocked when he went to the bank earlier this year to find his money had disappeared.

Bank statement show the money was siphoned out of the account through Airtel Money accounts.

According to whistleblower Onjezani Kenani who revealed the issue yesterday, the bank said Ngoleka provided his password for mobile transactions to fraudsters on December 5, the same day he received the password and the same day the money was stolen

Malawians have since stormed FCB’s Facebook page demanding the bank to issue a statement on the theft of Ngoleka’s money.

“We are keenly following on Mr Ngoleka claim and what might have happened for him to be swindled K2 Million using his bank account with you. How many more people have faced the same but never had a chance to come out publicly? We will appreciate a public statement after your investigations and way forward with him,” wrote a page called Fact-Checker Malawi

“No statement up to now? This show complicity & total disregard for good corporate citizenship,” wrote another person

Some Facebook users said the bank should accept responsibility for the fraud and refund Ngoleka’s money

Belief Siveliwa said: “How will the fraudster know I have just opened an account with your bank? Not accepting responsibility on Mr Ngoleka’s issue sends out red flags… You are not a bank, rather a crime syndicate.”

“Regardless of everything, we will not forget that Mr Ngoleka’s hard earned money was stolen under your watch!! His money must be given back !!!,” said Inno Nkhata.

While Abiti Mofolo-Muluzi said: “How can 4 different numbers be used to access a mobile application of a bank account in your bank? We are not dimwits.”

FCB is owned by MB Capital Holdings Plc (FMBCH) which has subsidiary banks located in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. the group last year made after tax profit of US$ 21.3 million.