Stop using pa ground sipalibwino – Kachaje

...stop confessing defeat

Renowned motivation speaker Henry Kachaje has described the “pa ground si palibwino” motto as a confession of defeat that Malawians should avoid by becoming smarter and taking charge.

“I keep seeing posts like: “Pa ground sipali bwino“. Well, my advice is: Do something about it. Either move from that part of the ground to a better place or remove the things that are making your “pa ground” bad.

“1) Make things happen; 2) Don’t become a victim of your circumstances; 3) Take full charge; 4) Stop confessing defeat; 5) Become smarter than your current challenges,” reads a post he shared on Facebook.

However, people rounded Kachaje over his post.

Petro Ntchito said: “You are saying all this may be because things are on the better side to you. For us who are struggling tikuti pa ground pavuta.”

“Sometimes we try harder as we can, but still things ain’t get better. Malawians are always hard workers, they not lazy. Only that the battle field has become more slippery than ever before hence it’s no easy to catch a prey,” said Rodger C Kadammanja.

While Charles Kanani said: “Out here, we don’t have jobs, we don’t have business, no access to loans. So how do you expect us to move forward?”

Others challenged him that the fact he applied for the MERA chief executive officer position despite not being qualified for the role shows that pa ground sipalibwino even for him.

” Or look for a job at MERA,” said one person adding to Kachaje’s to do list.

Some turned their comments political with Kachaje believed to be a sympathiser of President Lazarus Chakwera.

“Best way is to dress up in party colours of the regime basi your ground will be fine,” said Alick Nyasulu.