Man rapes dog: Story happened in 2016

The story about a man who raped a dog in Mzimba happened in in 2016.

Screenshot about the story have been widely shared on social media today with people claiming that it happened in Mzimba on Wednesday this week.

However, Police have confirmed that the man Lewis Mkandawire was arrested in 2016 after he raped the do.

Mkandawire, wo was aged 51 at the time, was caught by a cattle herd boy who was attracted by the screaming of the dog.

He claimed at the time that the dog was his and he     had a right to rape it.

“Uyu galu ngwane. Palije icho ungandiphalira chibwatiko iwe (This is my dog. You cannot tell me what to do). I do not see problem,” said Mkandawire after being arrested.



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