Police officer accidentally shot by fellow officer during operation


A Police officer yesterday was killed by a stray bullet fired by a fellow officer during an operation where officers intercepted criminals in Zomba.

Police spokesperson for the Eastern Region Joseph Sauka has confirmed the incident.

He has identified the police officer as Sergeant Chawanangwa Mkandawire from Zomba Police Station.

According to Sauka, Police received information that robbers had planned to hit a van carrying salaries for security officers from Gibs Security Service who are stationed at University of Malawi.

On June 4, police officers were following the van on its way from the bank to the university. The robbers who were in a vehicle blocked the van.

After realizing that the van was being protected by police officers, the criminals got out of their vehicle and started running away.

“That’s when officers started shooting at the robbers. Accidentally, a stray bullet struck Mkandawire who was later confirmed dead at Zomba Central Hospital,” said Sauka.

He added that police have since arrested five robbers and two of the criminals are security officers from Gibs Security Service but stationed in Blantyre.

Police believe the two security officers were the ones providing inside information to the gang.

The suspects will answer a case of attempted robbery but police investigation into the matter are still continuing.