Police arrest activist

The Police in Zambia have arrested an activist for protesting against the Inspector General.

Musician Pilato said the activist Jayson Chipepo Musonda was arrested yesterday after holding peaceful protests against the conduct of Zambia’s Inspector General of Police.

“We learn that Jayson Chipepo Musonda was arrested yesterday for peacefully demonstrating against Inspector General of Police’s conduct. We hope to hear what he has been charged with,” he said in a Facebook post, adding that the activist as been detained at detained at Kabwata Police Station.

According to Pilato, Jayson recently resigned from the Police Service on grounds that the service was no longer in the business of protecting the people but politicians.

He also accused politicians of abusing police officers by instructing them to violate the rights of the people and the law itself.

Zambians have since condemned the arrest of the peaceful protester saying he was exercising is constitutional right.

“Where is this brutality to a lone protester coming from? Being arrested like a common criminal,” said one commenter on Pilato’s post.

“Jeyson you are a true Son of the soil who has put other people before your own interests. You have done nothing wrong but tell the truth about the role of police officers,” said another commenter.

Zambia will hold elections in August where President Edgar Lungu is seeking re-election. His main contender is Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development





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