Mpinganjira’s witness fails to testify over security reasons


A witness for Thomson Mpinganjira in the judge bribery case did not testify this morning after a change of heart over security reasons.

Mpinganjira who is being accused of attempting to offer bribes to presidential elections judges, planned to parade three witnesses one whom testified in camera Tuesday.

A second witness, believed to be a State House official, was expected to testify today but decided not to do so due to security reasons.

“The one who was supposed to testify today had good reasons not to show up which we have explained to the judge and she has also understood,” one of Mpinganjira’s lawyers, Patrice Nkhono, said.

He, however, refused to disclose the name of the witness saying there is an agreement that the names of the witnesses should not be revealed.

Lead state lawyer, Reyneck Matemba, said the state has no issues regarding the development.

The case will continue on tomorrow when the defence will parade a witness.

Meanwhile, Mpinganjira’s lawyers have appealed to the Supreme Court of Appeal against the decision of Judge Dorothy De Gabrielle who refused to recuse herself from the case.

The defence wanted a new judge to take over the case but de Gabrielle ruled against her recusal.