CDEDI asks parliament to review laws on refugees


Centre for Democracy and Economic Initiatives (CDEDI) has asked Parliament to review laws regarding refugees and asylum seekers, saying it is unfair to force refugees to relocate to Dzaleka Camp.

Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa on Tuesday at Parliament in Lilongwe where he was presenting a petition to Committee on Legal Affairs.

Ministry of Homeland and Security last month ordered Refugees and Asylum seekers to relocate to Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

After receiving the petition, the committee’s Chairperson Yusuf Nthenda said that he will present the petition to the office of the speaker Catherine Gotani Hara.

In his remarks, Namiwa said that they believe that members of parliament will listen to their concerns because the situation at hand involves people’s wellbeing.

He noted that some of the refugees came in the country 25 years ago as such it will be difficult to find a better place to relocate considering that they were settled and some got married to citizens.

“We have noted that these people came into this country will different skills. Some are medical doctors some, are at education sectors, our economy is at the stage of collapsing. We have not given them a date because we understand that they will address this matter as urgent. We have our trust in the them because they are there to serve the people,” he explained.

He then said that some Chinese and Nigerian nationals living in the country migrated as refugees but they have turned into investors which is very unfair to others.

Ironically, CDEDI last year called on government to crack down on illegal immigrants saying they were takin away business opportunities from Malawians.