Speaker – Vote for someone who speaks English


Speaker of Parliament Catherine Gotani Hara has asked people in Nkhatabay Central Constituency to vote for a candidate wo speaks English.

The Speaker was in the area to campaign for People’s Party candidate Ralph Mhone who is a lawyer.

She was in the area on behalf of the ruling party, Malawi Congress Party, and gracefully donned her party regalia.

People in  Nkhatabay Central will vote for a new Member of Parliament in by-elections which will be held on June 29.

One of the requirements for qualifying as a parliamentary candidate is English speaking but there have been calls for Parliament to start conducting business in Chichewa.

Meanwhile, Malawians have called out the Speaker for her remarks.

“English is nothing but we need leader that have vision to take district for high level. It is sad to have MP that he knows nothing about his duties,” said one person on social media.

“English is not a measure of an intelligence.. anyway maybe good English will develop the constituency I guess,” wrote another person.