Political parties urged to embrace peace in Nkhatabay central

Authorities have advised political affiliations to embrace peace and harmony in Nkhata-bay central constituency in a bid to achieve successful parliamentary re-run that is anticipated to take place during the 29th June by-election this year.

Nkhata-bay district officer in charge (OC) who is also the assistance commissioner for police Mr. Morgan Zonzi made the remarks today Friday 28th May, 2021 at the district commission chamber house during the multiparty liaison committee (MPLC) where they interacted with various political parties expected to contest in the upcoming by-election.

Speaking on behalf of the district commissioner who is the MPLC chairman in Nkhata-bay, Zonzi pleaded with various party representatives that patronized the occasion to follow protocol when booking venues for the campaign rallies that are rolling out in the constituency following the inauguration for the agenda on 24th May, 2021 by Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to avoid crushing of events amongst parties which typically sparks conflicts.

“The major reason for calling upon this meeting was to enhance the proper way to go, because it’s the zeal of the district to have a free violence campaign period, we noted that some quarters have started to hold campaign rallies without contacting the DC’s office and the police, hence the intervention that political parties should firstly reason with us for proper arrangements.”

“This in turn will help the DC to equally distribute the venues for the campaign rallies and this will also assist us as the security entity to have an ample time to prepare and cover those events amicably in terms of safety,” he explained.

During the meeting, political parties were also cautioned against politics of castigation and manipulating the youth as a tool for perpetuating violence in the society during this period as the culprits will be subjected to the law.

Speaking on behalf of all the political parties that attended the meeting, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) director of youth in Nkhata-bay Edwin Mhone described the meeting to be of great essence as it will assist them as the political parties to refrain from indulging themselves into conflicts with their counterparts as the law has clearly denounced the tendency.

He said: “We are now going to be committed following this fruitful meeting to go on the ground and engage our party followers to avoid all kinds of malpractices and also to encourage all the eligible voters in Nkhata-bay district to be responsible as the constituency belongs to us hence we need to be responsible for our actions.”

Meanwhile, MEC is expected to hold the by-election on 29th June 2021 in Nsanje Laranje, Blantyre Chikwembere north and Nkhata-bay central constituencies following the nullification of the May 21, 2019 Tripartite Elations (TPE) results by the court.