Tasiya kunyera mutchire campaign under threat

water crisis

The Tasiya Kunyera Tchire Bwerani Muzaone campaign is under threat in Blantyre.

It is now 3 days in a row that taps in the commercial city have been running dry without a single drop.

Blantyre Water Board said the Electricity Supply of Malawi (Escom) requested for a total shutdown of water supply as it wanted to install prepaid meters at the Walker’s Ferry pumping station.

According to the board, it has been pumping at 50% since Wednesday but it expected the situation to normalise on Thursday night.

However, 72 hours down the line, most areas in the city were basking in dirty and filthy toilet.

Malawians have complained that the water situation has affected their personal hygiene and sanitation.

People we have talked to revealed that they have been going to hotels, supermarkets and offices where they do not work just to relieve themselves.

“Ife ndiye tikunyera ku tchire”, one Namiwawa resident told this reporter.
Another resident in Nyambadwe concurred.

“We have a small forest around the Nyambadwe hills. My family and I go there at night and early in the morning before the first bird song. Tilibe mtengo ogwira koma obisalira popanga chimbuzi chifukwa apongozi anga akuchimuna tilinawo kuno”.