Tadikira’s honeymoon: APM’s stepson faces arrest over Cementgate


Peter Mutharika’s stepson, Tadikira Mutharika, who also happens to be an employee of the Malawi Roads Authority (RA) was this week questioned by the Malawi Police over the controversial K3.2 billion duty-free cement-gate saga.

A report by the Weekend Nation newspaper says the Malawi Police is submitting a file to the office of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for direction on how to handle ex-President’s stepson based on facts established from the interrogation.

“We are through with our investigations with Tadikira and we will be waiting for the DPP on the way forward as regards prosecution of this matter”, Malawi police spokesperson James Kadadzera has been quoted as saying, insinuating looming arrest or prosecution.

Tadikira confirmed his interrogation.

The cement-gate scandal unravelled last year after Mutharika lost the presidency. It was revealed that Mutharika’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN) was used to import 800,000 bags of cement duty free between 2018 and 2019.

The illegal activities involved senior officials from the Mutharika administration who were lying that it was Mutharika importing the cement.

Suspects in the cement-gate include former State House chief of staff Peter Mukhito, former Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) deputy Commissioner General Roza Mbilizi, Mutharika’s former bodyguard Norman Chisale and businessperson Mahmed Shafee Chunara.

Mutharika last year denied any involvement in the corrupt acts saying he neither bought nor instructed anyone to buy or import the cement in question.

However, his bank accounts remain frozen as the Anti-Corruption Bureau is still investigating the case.