Made See hits Gold


Musician Made See has secured a K10 million deal with a United States based record label.

Reports show that two-year-deal carters for the teenage musician’s education and music career.

For his education, Made See will get K1 million while the remaining K9 million will be used for music production.

Last month, Made See also received K1 million FDH bank to be used for his album project. The payment was part of a K2 million deal which Made See had with FDH Bank and Musician Namadingo. Made See and Namadingo parted ways after the young musician failed to fulfill conditions relating to his education.

Reacting to news about the contract with the US record label, lawyer Peter Makossah said it is a lucrative for the Malawian Musician.

“When God locate you, it doesn’t matter who you’re and where you are, or what is your story, you get your blessings,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Great stuff! Am glad someone came up and signed him. He is such a talented young man,” wrote a commenter on Makossah’s post.