LWB demolishes toilet built close to water pipelines


The Lilongwe Water Board on Monday demolished a toilet that was constructed near water delivery pipelines which supply water from the Kanengo reservoirs  to six areas in Lilongwe.

The toilet was constructed near Puma filling station, in front of a make-shift bus stage for Kasungu and Mzuzu along the M1 road in Lilongwe.

LWB said the toilet was close to LWB main delivery pipelines from the Kanengo reservoirs, along the M1 road. The delivery pipelines (DN300mm), supply water to customers in Areas 28,18,30,49,25, and part of Area 43.

The demolition is part of an exercise to demolish all structures that have been constructed close to or on top of its main water supply pipelines.

According to LWB Chief Executive Officer Silli Mbewe, said the facilities being demolished pose a high risk of contamination.

“We are undertaking this exercise because it is not permitted to have such structures on top or close to our main pipelines. It is hazardous. The existence of such structures poses a high risk of contamination in case there is a pipe burst,” said Mbewe.

The Board has been working with the Lilongwe City Council to ensure that all approvals of construction of such structures are revoked, and subsequently, order immediate demolition of the facilities.