Herbalists told to stop spreading myths that lead to sexual abuse, killings


By Vincent Khonje – MANA

Minister of Civic Education and National Unity Timothy Mtambo has urged traditional doctors to be drivers of authentic messages in order to dispel myths and misconceptions that lead to abuse of children and killings of people.

Mtambo was speaking in Kasungu when Kasungu Community Radio organized a training for traditional healers in order to develop civic education radio content for the radio.

The minister said traditional doctors in the country play an important role by providing traditional medicine but there are sometimes messages from the traditional doctor that bring about chaos.

Kasungu Community Radio board chairperson Senior Chief Kaomba said myths and misconceptions have brought in a lot of problems where children have been abused and lives have been lost.

“This is the reason why we decided to engage traditional healers to formulate civic education content. Traditional doctors are key stakeholders in dispelling all these myths and misconceptions that bring about a lot of problems to the people,” said Kaomba.

The training for the herbalists was mainly to look at issues in the district that has been marred by myths and misconceptions leading to defilement, abduction and killing of persons with albinism, non-adherence to covid-19 measures and blood sucking rumours.